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Online gambling has become our daily bread every day for many players around the world and the popularity and growth is unprecedented anywhere in the world. In view of this, many poker players, blackjack, roulette, bingo and many lucky casino games you are getting a lot out of this online mode thanks to all the facilities online casinos provide to many players.

Split 8s

A lot of experienced blackjack players will often recommend against splitting pairs in the game when you get the opportunity. They donít think it is worth the risk of adding an extra stake to the table for the luxury.


More often than not, splitting pairs is actually the wrong move to play. It can work against you and leave you in a worse position than you were with the identical numbered cards together.

One of the few instances where you are better off splitting your cards is with 8s. Together they total 16, which falls just outside the zone of 17. This is a total that a lot of people fear because they donít know what to do at this stage. If they stand, they are aware that the dealer only has to reach 17 to beat them which is very realistic, while on the other hand, if they go on, there is a strong chance that they could bust.

By splitting 8s, you take away this problem. A new card from the pack will be added to each eight for the cost of an extra stake. You will be hoping for a bit of luck at this stage. The best card to receive is an Ace. You can decide to use it as 11 which would you give you a strong total of 19, or use it as 1 to accumulate nine.

The worst card you could receive when you splits yours 8s is a 7. If anything, you are in an even worse position than the start. You are probably going to be forced into taking the gamble at this stage and hope you donít go past 21.


 Games 987668

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