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Online gambling has become our daily bread every day for many players around the world and the popularity and growth is unprecedented anywhere in the world. In view of this, many poker players, blackjack, roulette, bingo and many lucky casino games you are getting a lot out of this online mode thanks to all the facilities online casinos provide to many players.

Casino gambling legendary winners


With the explosion in the popularity of online casinos, new records are being set and broken continually as the world’s major sites compete hard against one another for our dollars. This is great news for us gamblers, of course, though we all know the “house always wins” right?

Well yes, usually. But for the lucky few, the life-changing amounts won mean it was their own houses that were the winners; literally, because they’re playing right from home. Two recent British winners happily shouting “I won at the 32red casino online! were one Annie C who won over £1 million  (around Canadian $1.6 million) playing the site’s well-known “Major Millions” slot machine game and Sharon H who also landed over £1 million playing 32Red’s “King Cashalot” progressive slot game.

Both players got lucky landing progressive jackpots which steadily build from a small contribution from each player until one lucky punter gets the winning combination and changes their life forever. But when it comes to sheer casino endurance ability, the big prize has to go to tournament poker professional Bertrand a.k.a. “Elky” … Grospelier. Elky got himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records when he somehow managed to play at 62 online no-limit “Texas Hold’em” poker tables at the same time for over an hour! During this time, Elky is estimated to have played quarter of a million hands of poker, far more than most keen players would play over years.

When it comes to real casinos, there are a few great stories that have entered casino folklore. How about the story of the so-called "suitcase man" who turned up Binions Horseshoe casino in Vegas during the early 1980s to place one big bet. There are various different versions of this legendary player, but the most accurate seems to be the story of William Lee Bergstromof Austin, Texas, who decided to test Binions’ claim that it would take any bet, regardless of size, so long as the player made it his or her first. Bergstrom reputedly turned up with a suitcase stuffed with bills totalling $777k which he bet on the “Don't Pass” line at craps. The shooter set up a point of six, then sevened out two rolls later and the happy gambler pocketed his now doubled $777k and left.

But the gambler couldn’t stay away. Bergstrom returned and placed a single $590k which he also won, and returned a third time, winning a further $190k, then again winning $90k before finally returning to make his most famous bet of all – a $1 million bet in – which, of course, he lost! Just three months later, Bergstrom killed himself at a strip hotel. He was still $647k ahead.

And finally; when it comes to winning streaks, the story of Greek immigrant Archie Karas in the early 90s in Vegas really beggars belief. Starting with a borrowed $10k in 1992, Archie went on an incredible streak at (also at Binion's Horseshoe) winning against 15 of the world's top poker players. Then when he ran out of people to play poker against, he tried his luck at the craps tables where he won millions. At one point during his streak, Archie is said to have possessed all the Horseshoe's $5,000 chips - over $11 million worth. When he stopped playing, Archie was ahead by over $17 million, all at the one venue.


 Games 987668

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