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Online gambling has become our daily bread every day for many players around the world and the popularity and growth is unprecedented anywhere in the world. In view of this, many poker players, blackjack, roulette, bingo and many lucky casino games you are getting a lot out of this online mode thanks to all the facilities online casinos provide to many players.

The Story of Slots

One-armed bandits, pokies, fruities…whatever you call slots games there’s no denying that almost everyone loves them. These reel-spinning games have really stood the test of time, and their interesting history is one that’s often been written about.

Early Beginnings

The story of slots starts in 1891 with New York based company, Sittman and Pitt. This company built a poker machine that comprised of 5 drums and 50 playing cards, and players had to pull a level to try and see if they could line up a winning hand. A turn in the game cost a nickel; payouts were handed over at the bar, and were usually in the form of a free drink or a cigar.

The Grandfather of Slots

Although Sittman and Pitt were behind the first poker machine, it was San Franciscan Charles Fey who is the real grandfather of slots games. Between 1887 and 1895 Fey built a machine that not only allowed for automatic payouts, it also used symbols rather than playing cards. This 3 reel game featured 5 symbols, a heart, a diamond, horseshoes and a spade, as well as the Liberty Bell, after which the game got its name. The Liberty Bell slot became hugely popular, and as Fey hadn’t patented his design, it was soon replicated.

Fun with Fruits

Although slots were banned officially in 1902 the Liberty Bell, and all of the machines that followed, remained in operation. Instead of paying out money now however, they paid out sweets and gum, and the symbols on the reels were changed to reflect the fruits that formed part of the rewards. This is where the name ‘fruit machine’ comes from and in 1907 Herbert Mill’s Operator Bell machine included an additional BAR symbol, and another iconic slot image was born.

The Birth of Mechanical Slots

Prior to 1964 all slots games were operated by pulling down a mechanical arm, hence the name one-armed bandit. This all changed when Bally technology released Money Honey, the world's first electrical slots game. The game was all electronic, but it still included the level for effect. Once players had gotten used to the format, the lever was done away with and that was the end of that.

Enter the Video Slot

In 1976 the first true video slots game made it appearance. Vegas-based company Fortune Coin created a game that used a modified 19-inch TV and the stage was set for the future of slots games. In 1978 IGT acquired Fortune Coin, and this brand is still going strong today.

Slots Go Online

In 1994 the first online casino opened its doors, and what games were some of the first? You guessed it - slots! Online slots Canada games and games across the globe changed the face of play, and the casino industry as a whole too.

Casino software developers like Microgaming began creating graphic rich slots games that included added features, and along with the classic 3 reel games, 5 reel slots began to emerge. In the following 2 decades slots have grown in leaps and bounds and today, they include cinematic style graphics and animations, incredible sound tracks and storylines, and enormous payouts.

Online slots have become the world's most popular casino game, and with them now moving over to mobile and making major inroads there, it is safe to say that Charles Fey’s game will keep enthralling players for years to come.

 Games 987668

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